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Be aware of and Both domains registered by the same company, Global Advantage Group, Corp. with a business address at a business-center where one can register an address without having a physical office space.

They offer novelty diplomas, degrees, etc. The websites are almost identical, prices are different. At they charge USD 149,00 at they charge USD 89,00. The sites look trustful, they have a lot of images of diplomas and degrees and even an order tracking service at their website. There is an online form to order your novelty diploma. When you get in touch with them through their contact form, they confirm that they are able to make the desired novelty-diploma, sending you the same order form which you can download at their website too. Must probably they will use a free webmail. In this specific case, they used for communication.

You must mail your order with payment in cash or you can opt for US Post Office International Money Orders. But they highly recommend cash payment. You are required to include another USD 15,00 for shipping your order and ship the order by airmail, comon mail, but not by courier service. They use a Canadian mail forwarding service:


34152 STN D



As soon as they get your payment, you will not get hear anything anymore from these guys. Two months, three months, four months go by and you will not get your novelty diploma. If you insist very hard, you might get a last e-mail, explaining a couple of reasons why you might not have received your order, asking for another USD 10,00 in cash to track your order. That will be the last time you will hear from these guys, no matter if you send money to track your order or not. Worthless to use their order-tracking-form at their website. You can send as many mails as you want, you will not get any answer any more. And you will realize that you have been ripped off. Beware of these guys, they are fraudsters and scammers. and is a big fraud, a scam and rip off.

The last thing you can do, and that's what I am going to do is posting your experience at boards like this one to alert as many people as possible to prevent them to get ripped off, as well as filling criminal complaints to try to shut them down. I will fill criminal complaints against these guys in three countries. In England, the domicile of Global Advantage Group, Corp. the company which registered and, in Canada, where they use a mail forwarding service in Vancouver, and in the US where they host their websites at - MULTACOM CORPORATION -. The US is most probably the country where these guys effectively sit.

Monetary Loss: $164.

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#578984 still exists??? They ripped me off too.

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